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Full Time Techie, Part Time Blogger,
Amateur Adult, circa 1992.


the girl behind the screen

Priya Jain is a 20 something year old stumbling through life with an IPA or glass of wine in hand. She was born and raised in San Francisco, California and went to school just a few hours away where she double majored in Psychology & Communications. From there she transitioned into software and tech. Yup, she is a psych major working in tech. Her mornings are spent manipulating data, while her evenings are spent writing.

She can't say the exact moment she fell in love with writing, it's always been a passion of hers. There's something so therapeutic of weeding through your thoughts and placing them on paper. In middle school, she was the girl sitting in the back corner, writing poetry on just how hard it was to be a tween. As she got older, that transitioned into her brief stunt in song writing at 16. By the time she reached college, she was posting her unfiltered thoughts on tumblr for the world to see. 

On days when she's not nerding out to tech or indulging in her creative thoughts, she can be seen traveling (28 countries and counting), eating chips and all things fatty, discovering secret talents like the ability to binge watch a Netflix series in less than a week, and most importantly sleeping. 

Her blog posts look into love and heartbreak, family life, independence, and fear. It touches on all things millennial and being on the cusp between adulting and holding on to our youth. It's filled with emotions both raw and real.