Loneliness is so much more than just being all alone

Loneliness is so much more than the notion of not having a partner, someone to go through all the chaos with. 

It's not about going to the grocery store or running your errands all alone. It's so much more than sitting with a book, grabbing coffee by yourself.

It's not defined by all the little moments and activities done with no one by your side.

Or maybe I'm just an introvert who likes spending time on my own?

Loneliness is that feeling that creeps in at any given moment, it hits in waves and when it does, you got nowhere to run. It creeps up at 2am when the world's a bit quiet, it's just you and your thoughts.

It's that feeling of being surrounded by a group of people and yet you can't help but feel all alone.

It hits during your morning commute - a bus filled with people, all headed to their various jobs, all headed alone, and yet you can't help but feel like you're somehow different. You see them texting and assume they have a SO, a circle of friends. You assume they're less lonely.

It's about being surrounded by your friends, and yet you still feel a bit lost. Maybe it's cause they're only here for the moment, you never know how long it'll last...after all, people always leave.

Loneliness is so much more than the notion of going through life all alone.

It's a feeling we all feel and yet rarely address.

We're all a bit empty, looking for a quick fix to numb us.

But through every dark night, there's a brighter tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a new day. A better day. One filled less darkness and more hope.