Just a girl wearing her heart on her sleeve,
Stumbling in love far too often
& far too hard.

Why is it so hard to find love as a millennial?
Or am I just really bad at dating?

Love Letters to the men
who find their ways into my 2am thoughts.



Just a 20 something strumming through life with a PSL in hand.

Missed morning yoga,
because I decided to Namast'ay in Bed.

Of to swiping on those dating apps. Tinder? Bumble? Coffee Meets Bagel? Too late. I've already ghosted.


Life / Misc

Where is my life taking me?
At 26, I'm supposed to have a career plan, right?

Let's talk about the not so pretty sides
of mental health, depression, & anxiety.

We can also talk about my unhealthy love
or cheese, Netflix, and napping.

Really, we can talk about all my random
2am / shower thoughts.