Navigating Airports like a Pro

I spend far too much time in airports. Here are some tips & tricks I've found useful:

  1. Have a long layover and don't want to spend money on a hotel?
    • Find a cozy place to sleep through:
    • Wait till final boarding before boarding the plane. The later you board, the more likely your suitcase will be gate-checked (FOR FREE)!
    • This way you don't have to worry about the unnecessary hassle of watching extra luggage while trying to catch some zZzZz.
    • If you do have to deal with a carry-on suitcase, either place it on the ground right next to your seat, so that you can grab and hold on to it OR place it on the seat in front of you and plop your feet over it.
  2. Make sure to pack a small snack - especially if you're planning on crashing at the airport, when most restaurants/shops are closed. If you're anything like me, you'll get hangry, especially if you want to avoid the absurd prices of plane food.
  3. Charge your devices! Most modern day flights have a charging port; however, if you are traveling with a laptop, keep it charged so you can easily hook up your phone and charge on the go!
  4. Need Wifi because you have a shitty wi-fi plan and are constantly going over (is that only me)?!
    • Check out:
  5. Don't want to invest in a neck pillow? Transform your sweatshirt into one with just a few easy steps!

Tips on Booking Flights

When it comes to booking flight tickets, a few of my favorite websites are as follows:

  1. STA Travel & Student Universe - FOR YOUTH DEALS
    • When it comes to youth deals, my all time favorite website is STA Travel.
    • They originally had flight deals for travelers under 26; however, they've recently expanded that age to 31.
    • In all honesty - they recommend buying an International Card, while traveling abroad. However, I've booked various international travels - hassle free - never with an international card.
    • Student Universe is a close second, tbh I'm not entirely sure what their cut of is for Youth, but I've bought various youth tickets, hassle free.
  2.  Skiplagged
    • Skiplagged takes into account 'Hidden City' flights.
    • Let's say I needed to fly from CA to Austin, TX. A one way ticket is coming to $330. However, there's also a cheaper flight from CA to Florida, with a LAYOVER in Austin. The idea's that you buy a ticket to Florida and simply get off in Austin.
    • KEY THING: You cannot check in a suitcase. If you do, your suitcase will be sent to your final destination (aka Florida).
    • Make sure you to pick a seat that will get you boarded first (a simple google search will tell you how the airline boards their planes). This way you can ensure that your suitcase won't have to be last minute gate checked.
  3. ITA Matrix
    • ITA Matrix is a software run by Google that does an awesome job of comparing prices amongst all airlines
  4. The Flight Deal
    • The Flight Deal is an awesome website that posts great deals 1-3 times / day. Deals are filtered based on the origin city & the website does a great job of giving you step by step instructions on how to book the ticket!