“Traveling is like flirting with life. It's like saying, 'I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” ― Lisa St. Aubin de Terán

Disclaimer: As I work on getting this blog up and running, I'll start adding content to the various Travel sections. For now, some sections may be blank. 

I've been in love with Travel since before I can remember. I've always been a w.a.n.d.e.r.l.u.s.t - too long in any location and I get bored. I book far too many tickets, capitalizing on weekend getaways and taking minimum PTO.

Think I'm exaggerating? In the last 2.5 Years - I've traveled to 8 countries & visited approximately 40 different cities. I've also never taken more than 2 1/2 weeks of PTO / year. 

Like I said, I've kind of become a pro on booking cheap tickets & capitalizing on weekend getaways, or working on-the-go. Granted, I realize I'm fortunate to have a job that allows for that flexibility.

In the course of my lifetime, I've been to 26 countries. My goal is to visit a new country every year.

This section will be used to focus on some of my Travel Tips and favorite places to visit. In full disclosure, I unfortunately don't have any experience in photography, nor do I have a fancy camera, so my posts will be limited on pictures, as my photos wouldn't do most of these places justice.